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The Food specialist The Interim Technical Food Specialist  It’s about results.

Much of the work undertaken by The Food specialist is confidential and of a sensitive nature.

 Where this is the case, he feels it is unfair to divulge details of clients or projects worked on.

This same level of confidentiality and integrity is available to you.

Excellent references are available.

Head of Operations said: Peter, you ‘tamed the beast’ and are leaving the business in a much improved position.”

Head of Technical wrote: “Great work Peter. This illustrates to my team the level of detail that I expect  - facts, understanding, objective data, observation of staff and challenging. This is the way we’re going. Peter is pointing the way and my team need to pick up on your lead to make a step change.”

National account manager wrote: Thanks for everything you’ve done for us in such a short time. Tesco have been very happy, and that’s made my job easier.”

A client wrote: “An outstanding achievement. The prospect of failure could have meant disaster for the business. Peter, you grasped victory out of the jaws of defeat!”

Another client wrote: Your assistance over the last few months has been a great help to the business as evidenced by the recent audit. This audit result was due to your efforts in organising our team and ensuring that it had the best direction”.

A client said: “Many thanks for spending four days with us last week. It was of great benefit to have someone with us of your calibre and expertise, visiting our facility and providing input”.

Another wrote: ”I appreciate your involvement in ensuring that the management team had all the information required to succeed”.

The following article was published by Cranfield. It demonstrates success delivered in the areas which have been complimentary in my career involving change management, general management, focus and a determination to succeed. Click here to download.

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