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The Food specialist The Interim Technical Food Specialist  It’s about results. Mentoring & Coaching

Whether it’s coaching to impart specific skills or mentoring to develop wider potential The Food specialist  can help you achieve the results you seek.

Coaching can involve any of the knowledge or skills needed to successfully run the technical aspects of a business and usually involves one-to-one working.

Mentoring can make the difference between average results and outstanding results!  A mentor is someone you can trust and be open with to discuss your progress, evaluate options, set goals, and generally work through any issues you may meet along the way.

Credentials: Peter Traves is a qualified Business Mentor and Coach. He has mentored a range of businesses including ‘Business of the Year’, as well as mentoring business startups. Peter also mentors and coaches all levels of Technical/Factory Management to deal with their challenges, and to increase their effectiveness.

What this means for you: The benefits can be significant and wide ranging, especially when mentoring is used, including:-


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